Repairing responsibilites

You've asked us to be clearer about what repairs you're responsible for and those which we'll always complete.

Below is a drop down list of all the things we are responsible for as your landlord. If your repair is related to something that isn't listed below, you're responsible for fixing the problem. If it is listed below, please log in to your account to report your repair to us.

Outside your home 


We'll repair or replace:

  • TV aerials and satellite dishes installed by us, usually in communal areas. If we replace your aerial through improvement works, we’ll gift it to you and it then becomes your responsibility to look after/replace
  • Wired security lighting
  • CCTV cameras in communal areas only


External building

We're responsible for maintaining your home:

  • Foundations
  • Outside walls and render
  • Roof and chimney
  • Fascia Boards.


Garden, out houses and boundaries

We expect you to keep your garden, clean, tidy and in good order.

We'll repair or replace:

  • Home access paths to the front and back of your home, ensuring that they are safe to use. This doesn't include garden paths, patios or decking
  • Communal washing lines, rotary driers or clothes airers
  • Boundary fences where a public walkway, road or path is on the other side of the fence, including garages and parking areas
  • Fencing between your home and your neighbours. If there are too many damaged panels to repair, we’ll replace with chain link fencing. For more information on fencing, click here
  • Brick and stone garden walls. We may choose to remove any damaged walls and put chain link fencing in its place
  • The structure of the garage or out house, including unit doors. A crime reference number will be needed before break-in repairs.



  • Clear your gutters if blocked. Please help to keep the gutters clear by keeping garden plants away from them
  • Repair pipework and outside taps. Please take care to avoid frozen pipes and associated leaks in cold weather
  • Repair outside drains up to where it meets the main sewage system. We will recharge if the cause of any blockage is found to be lifestyle related.

If you need to report a repair about a pumping station, you need to contact the local Water Authority.

Windows and doors

We're responsible for:

  • Window frames and sills, including sash cords
  • Replacing or repairing window locks, restrictors and catches on windows
  • Inspecting and maintaining draught excluders on UPVC windows which are found to be an issue
  • Replacing window glass if there is a crime reference number to support the damage. It’s your responsibility to make your home secure
  • Replacing blown units in the living room and kitchen only. We won’t replace any other units until they are replaced on a planned programme
  • Front and back doors (not internal doors) including the lock, handles, catches, hinges and replacement
  • Installing and inspecting draught excluders on doors where issues are found
  • External and internal doorframes
  • Repairing letter boxes on your front door, and any communal letter boxes in the foyer of the building
  • Replacing door bells that are wired into the home.

We expect our residents to keep condensation at bay to avoid the build-up of mould in their homes. See here for more information on how to control mould


Inside your home  



  • Repair floor structure. You'll need to take care of coverings like carpet and laminate. If you have laminate flooring, you'll need to take it up and put it down again to allow repair access. If we supply non-slip flooring we’ll repair and replace it
  • Repair plaster cracks that are wider than the width of a £1 coin. You'll need to fill smaller cracks yourself
  • Repair ceilings in homes where the structure has been compromised. This doesn’t include redecoration unless we have caused the damage
  • Inspect mould and damp in the home to decide where responsibility lies. We expect you to prevent the build-up of mould in your home through managing your lifestyles accordingly. For advice on how to manage damp, see our leaflet here
  • Inspect your home if you report pests. We expect our residents to deter pests and keep their homes free from them. 


Plumbing and heating

We're responsible for:

  • The repair of gas boilers, renewable, oil fired and electric heating systems including the thermostats, controls and any associated pipework and wiring. We’ll carry out a safety check and service on all gas, oil and solid fuel systems
  • Water tanks
  • The flue on any wood burner, even if you've installed it yourself. We’ll also complete an annual safety check too
  • Chimney sweeping
  • Carbon monoxide alarms we've installed. If you've installed an alarm and it's damaged or no longer works, we'll replace it and take responsibility for it
  • Smoke and heat alarms we've installed. If you've installed an alarm and it's damaged or no longer works, we'll replace it and take responsibility for it
  • Faulty radiators. We expect you to maintain and bleed your radiators. Click here to watch our 'How to' video
  • Meter cupboard doors and covers. You're responsible for the keys.

You're responsible for:

  • Safely installing and maintaining your electric and gas cookers/hobs. Any gas cooker/hob installations must be completed by a Gas Safe qualified engineer. Any electric cooker/hob installations must be completed by a competent person
  • Plumbing in your washing machines and dishwashers, and maintaining the pipework connected up to the stop tap.

Kitchen and bathroom

We're responsible for:

  • Kitchen units, unit doors, catches, hinges, drawers and runners. We may want to inspect your kitchen before carrying out the work depending on the amount of repair work needed. If necessary will be passed on to a planned programme of work. Kitchen worktops are your responsibility
  • Faulty sinks, basins, taps, leaks and general plumbing. You must use the stop tap if there is a leak in your home to prevent further damage. To find out how to locate your stop tap, watch our 'How to' video here
  • Ensuring there is one working toilet in your home. This includes all repairs to the cistern and its workings. It's your responsibility to unblock the toilet. Click here to view our 'how to' video. If you're unable to block it, and we come out to find the blockage is caused by things other than toilet roll being flushed, you'll be charged for the works. If it's a structural issue, we'll repair it.
  • Replacing bath panels if damaged by us to access plumbing underneath
  • Repairing and replacing heated towel rails
  • Replacing missing or damaged wall tiles with plain white, basic tiles
  • Repairing electric shower and mains fed shower units, cubicle, and tray unless you've installed this yourself 
  • Wet room and shower pumps
  • Extractor fans in kitchens and bathrooms. You're expected to use them, clear the filter and keep them free from blockage.


We'll maintain:

  • Wiring and light fittings. A qualified electrician can change your light fittings, but you'll need to maintain them and return them to the original when you move out
  • Electrical sockets
  • Phone wiring and phone socket within your home. BT are responsible for the main line into the home and the master socket wiring.

You're responsible for:

  • Changing plugs and fuses for your own appliances
  • Checking, identifying and resolving issues with trips and appliance power loss. We’ll only come to look for wider faults and repair if this has been completed. If it’s found to be your appliance causing the fault, we will charge you for the works
  • Sourcing and replacing the lightbulbs and pull cords in your home. We will only repair the switch socket if faulty.