We've donated £1,000 to Taunton branch of The Besom charity

03 April 2014

On Wednesday this week, we presented a cheque for £1,000 to the Taunton branch of The Besom, a national Christian charity with 35 branches in the UK that support and help people in need both in this country and in the rest of the world. 

The Besom forms a link between people in churches who want to give time, skills and items such as food, and the people most in need in the community.

We've been working with The Besom in Taunton for two and a half years. The Besom has helped a number of our clients and residents with things like providing crisis food boxes, home decorating, gardening and finding furniture for their homes.

The Besom also recommended a local language teacher, Will Humphries, who has been providing English lessons at the Knightstone scheme, Waterside House, for two years. Will now has a number of Polish and Lithuanian residents who are regular attendees at his lessons, held in the community space at Waterside House.

Jane Edmonds, Assistant Director at Knightstone, said ‘We have a fantastic partnership with The Besom which has developed and grown over the past couple of years.

In those years, The Besom has made a huge difference to the lives of so many of our residents and clients, and we’re very pleased to be able to donate this money to support their future projects.’

Elaine Fenton, Co-ordinator from The Besom, said ‘We’re really pleased to have supported so many of Knightstone’s residents and clients over the past two and half years and will continue to work with Knightstone to provide this support. 

We welcome the donation that Knightstone has made. These funds will be put towards important, future projects to improve lives and make a difference to communities.’

Photo (from left to right:) Kim Mulhall (Knightstone), Liz Barnes (Knightstone), Madeleine Rose (The Besom), Jo Munroe (Knightstone), Elaine Fenton (The Besom), Nesta Long (The Besom), Monika Stennett (Knightstone), Will Humphreys, Shona Stone (Knightstone)


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