Yeovil Foyer residents zoom to success with Safe Start training

04 February 2014

Three young people who live at the Yeovil Foyer, one of Knightstone Housing’s supported housing schemes, recently took part in a Safe Start Taster Day at Somerset Rural Youth Project, leading to work experience and a successful funding bid. 

David, Lewis and Jake spent the day in the moped workshop at the project, learning about basic moped maintenance and safety. They then enjoyed a test ride at a nearby motorbike training school where they got to show off their skills, navigating cones and maintaining their balance.

Jake and Lewis were both keen to learn more, so Knightstone’s organised for them to start a 30 hour work experience programme at the project. Lewis was so enthusiastic that Knightstone staff supported him to apply successfully for £300 of funding via a Foyer Federation Talent Bond. He will be spending this money on some safety equipment such as a helmet, jacket and gloves, as well as a CBT training day that will enable him to ride a moped on the road.

Lewis will then be able to apply to the project’s moped loan scheme so that he has his own transport, if he decides to put himself forward for a traineeship or to engage in ongoing volunteering at the project.

Rhian Kivits, P2i Training Coordinator at Knightstone, said: “We’re always looking for opportunities for our young residents to get involved in practical activities and try something new, in the hope that it will inspire them to consider work, training or volunteering opportunities.

“It’s great to see how enthusiastic the young people were about engaging with the Safe Start Taster Day, demonstrating their practical skills too. We plan to arrange further taster days for other young people supported by the Somerset P2i Service in the future, since this one was such a great success.”


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