Fences and boundaries

As a resident, it's your responsibility to look after your fencing to make sure that it lasts as long as possible and looks presentable. If we have to repair or replace fencing as a result of neglect or misuse, you'll be charged for the works.

Maintaining your garden is also your responsibility, and we expect you to keep it tidy. We won't repair or replace fencing where the garden has been neglected or damaged.

We’ll carry out minor repairs on up to two panels of fencing. If we need to replace the full run of fencing, we’ll do so, providing one privacy panel alongside your home and 4ft. high chain link fencing for the remainder of the run. Alternatively, you can provide replacement fencing at your own cost.

If you'd like to put up your own fencing, you need to let us know first, so we can make sure it meets any planning requirements. It's also important to get agreement from any neighbours affected, and make sure that the work is completed safely and competently.

If your fence, wall or gate borders public highways, common areas or public paths through a development, we’ll repair the fencing on a like-for-like basis. We’ll only replace large sections of fencing if we’re unable to repair it.

In severe weather where considerable damage has been done to whole estates or neighbourhoods, repairs may take longer than usual to complete. Our priority in these circumstances is always to deal with fencing to boundaries and communal areas first. In these situations, we’ll keep you up-to-date with repair timeframes.

Our new build specification, regardless of tenure, is to provide concrete posts and 6ft panels on all boundary fencing and, between individual properties, a 6ft privacy panel and 4ft. chain link fencing.