Answers to your questions

We've noted a few things you might want to know about our merger proposal with housing association, DCH.

1. Why do you want Knightstone and DCH to merge?

We think that both organisations could achieve much more if they worked more effectively by coming together as one. We would be able to build many more new affordable homes, which there is a huge need for in our region, and we will continue to invest in high quality services.

2. Will my rent change as a result of the merger?

No. Rents or service charges will not change as a result of the merger.

3. When will the merger take place?

We are still in early discussions on this, and if the merger goes ahead we expect it to happen by summer 2018.

4. Will customers be consulted about this?

Yes. We will be consulting with customers in autumn 2017, and we will make sure that we take all views into account. We will share the outcome of the consultation with all our customers.

5. Will my landlord change?

If Knightstone and DCH merger, they will form a new landlord. Your tenancy agreement won’t change because of this though.

6. Will the terms of my tenancy change as a result of the merger?

No. All your rights and duties will stay the same.

7. Will you still be delivering services locally?

Yes, we're both committed to providing great customer services in our local communities. Our teams will continue to work within our communities and be on hand to offer support and advice. 

8. Will my services change because of the merger?

We won’t make any changes straight away. We will keep you informed on this, and any changes that we do make should improve our services to you. For now we will continue as we are and you can get in touch with us in the same way you always have done.

9. How can I find out more?

We'll share more updates and more answers to frequently asked questions throughout this exciting journey for both housing associations. Or, you can email if you're question hasn't been answered here.

Keep checking back here for more information!